Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America
Volunteers of America Michigan has been here since 1896. Today their programs stretch from Detroit to Lake Michigan. VOA Michigan provides help for the homeless, food for the hungry, employment and shelter for veterans, housing for poor seniors, and a helping hand for struggling families. Volunteers of America Michigan is the largest provider of homeless services in the Capital Region.

Volunteers of America Michigan also is the state’s largest private provider of services to veterans. Outside the VA, nobody works with more of the men and women who have served this country. They also are one of the largest nonprofit providers of housing to vulnerable seniors, families and disabled people, with our portfolio climbing over 1,000 apartments this year.

Other VOA Michigan programs reach out to the lonely and impoverished during the holidays, with hot meals, gifts and gestures of caring.
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VOA Lansing Office
430 N. Larch Street
Lansing, MI 48912

Cristo Rey Community Center
The purpose of Cristo Rey Community Center (CRCC) is to serve the vulnerable within our community by offering need-based programs with an emphasis on access to food, medical care and counseling services. The vision of Cristo Rey Community Center to break the cycle of poverty and advocate for self sufficiency by offering critical services, such as feeding hungry children to providing health care, financial advice and counseling services.

Since 1968, Cristo Rey Community Center has worked to build stronger families and community. They understand that the roots of poverty are oftentimes embedded in more than just temporary difficulties; for this reason CRCC offers a wide range of essential services designed to meet the differing needs of families, seniors, children and all individuals in need.

All CRCC programs are critical resources for basic need services in addition to being a resource/referral source for other safety-net onsite programs that seek to assist underprivileged, under-served and vulnerable populations in our community. All programs are available in English or Spanish. Services include: medical clinic, community kitchen, food pantry, clothing & personal items, counseling service for addiction, prevention, anger management, parenting, and financial.
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Cristo Ray Community Center
1717 N. High St
Lansing MI 48906
Open Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

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